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The ten chapter-headings on the third page give an overview of the whole 60,000 words.  


Some may want to read the entire thing in sequence (it's a crackin' good tale!) but anyone who wants to dip in here and there will find that - apart from occasional cross-references - each chapter will stand alone.


 (If you want to start with a chuckle, try Chapter Three.  And Chapters Nine and Ten are pretty good fun as well.)





Thanks for visiting. Whether you are interested in journalism generally or more specifically in the training of journalists, you should find this stuff entertaining - and possibly even useful!  Enjoy the read . . .  and maybe drop me a line.                                                                    

Gerry Kreibich was one of five journalism lecturers at Richmond College, Sheffield, throughout the 1970s and 1980s.  In those pioneering days the simple aim  of the National Council for the Training of Journalists was to impart editorial skills that would enable students to join provincial newspapers and immediately be useful. What happened to those students after that was up to them . . . and many are now prominent people in newspapers, magazines, radio and television (and quite a few have retired!)


The work was often experimental - methods that worked well were constantly improved, bright ideas that failed were abandoned. Thus were laid the foundations of much that happens today in colleges and universities all over Britain.

Memoirs of

a pioneer

journalism lecturer                                                                    



 A link-up . . .  after

 nearly 50 years


I have managed to bring together three people who shared Richmond classrooms in 1969/70, a year before I got there myself!     A recent message from James Wheildon, on the Shanghai Daily, led to contact with one of his old classmates, Bill Anslow . . . and that in turn has caught the attention of Brian Harrigan.  Have a look at my new  'Really early days' page.



I have had a face-to-face reunion with an ex-Richmond journalist 6000 miles away in Cape Town.  He is Dave Chambers, a reporter on the Halifax Courier when he attended Richmond in the 1980s. After Halifax he worked on the Journal in Newcastle for a year, and then he joined the Daily Telegraph as a sub, and later splash sub.  In 1992 he went off to South Africa, where he was on the Cape Argus for a number of years. To see him, and to find out where he is now, have a look at Picture Gallery (6) on this




 See the Letters      Every few weeks, some  former student spots this webpage and decides to get in touch.   Use the grey panel (top left) to scroll down to the Letters Page where you'll find their nostalgic messages.


If you were at Richmond . . .       see the 'They went to Richmond'  page near the end of this website                                                                           and let me know if you don't get a mention.                                .                                                                                                                                                                                    








A meeting in the Co-op . . !


I'm thrilled that I'm still in regular touch with so many former students through this website. But I am always surprised when I am contacted, out of the blue, by some former trainee who has never come across the site before - and the latest example is a gem . . .


Sarah Scarlett (what a great by-line!) was at Richmond nearly 50 years ago. And she writes: 'A chance encounter in my local Co-op has led me to your website . . .'  See the full letter on my Letters Page.



Also newly in touch is Annette Gartland,  seen smiling out of the 1973/4 group picture on my Picture Gallery 4 page. She has led an unusually colourful and nomadic life since those far-off days, but she is still every inch a journalist and is the publisher of Changing Times, a news website focused mainly on environmental issues, human rights, and health.  


Her  e-mail – pretty long but well worth the read! – is on my Letters Page.