Picture Gallery (5)

DEANA MORRIS writes:    'Here's a picture sent to me by Rick Peach which shows some of the FJ1A gang from 1984 coming back from London after our trip to Parliament. Pictured on the left: Rick Peach, Paul Bolton and Graham Moorby. On the other side of the bench - me by the window, Andy Heading and Liz Warner. Andy is now an adventurer extraordinaire (Google him!) and Liz has her own TV production company called bettyTV.'

GERRY ADDS: Paul is now a sports journalist in Birmingham, so I'm told. I'm hoping he gets in touch.

DANNY CARPENTER (centre front in this 1983 pic) is now a TV reporter in Yorkshire (there'll be more from him soon on the Letters Page).

He writes: Here outside college are Sam from Tamworth, Linda Barker, Mike Chilvers, then a girl who could be Janice, then a nice guy from Sheffield (Ian, maybe?), Left, front row, is Russ (rumoured at the time to be paying his way through college as a semi-pro gambler!),

GERRY ADDS: The smiling laid-back chap at bottom right is Rob Madill, now Content Editor on the Coventry Telegraph. Can anyone shed light on Possibly Janice and Ian?

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