Picture Gallery (3)

Gerry writes:  That's me second from the right. . . . and good old Frank Littlewood is in the front row sporting elegant dark kneepads over his pale overalls. Behind Frank is Ian Lyness (see his contribution to the Letters Page), and to Frank's right is Geri Hosier, later of The People. Second from the left on the back row, grinning happily, is Andy Knowles, later a TV sports reporter. (The group members are all named on the first Picture Gallery page.)

(For the record - the smiling blonde girl who's carrying her helmet is my daughter Julie, then a schoolgirl, who came along for the experience.)


ABOVE: I asked for information about this 1984 group. Deana Morris writes: 'I'm not on the pic but I do recognise some of the line up. Front row from left, Graham Moorby, Liz Warner, Ian Bevitt, Kevin Pick, Paul Coates and then someone I don't know and then Judy Rees. Second row, from left, is Rick Peach . . . the rest I don't know. Standing between Ron and Lyn on the back row (third from left) is Mark someone who was in our class. ' And here's another name - the blonde girl on the far right (middle row) is Elaine Thompson. See the rest of Deana's letter on the Letters Page - and the nostalgic railway-carriage snapshot in Picture Gallery (5) BELOW: Members of the 1971/72 full-year group about to go underground at Markham Colliery . . . where a cage accident killed 18 miners in the following year. See the detailed caption on the left.


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