In case anyone cares . . .
I am one of the old school of newspapermen - gained a good School Certificate at Urmston Grammar School (Manchester) and left in 1950, busting to be a reporter.

Warrington Guardian (interrupted by R.A.F. service), Manchester City News, Matlock Mercury, sub on the Newark Advertiser, back to Matlock as editor for three years, later Peak District man on the Derbyshire Times.

And I play jazz piano (that's got nothing to do with this but it might interest a kindred spirit somewhere).

A rare classroom pic . . .

This was no one-man band

Though these have to be personal memoirs, I mustn't give the impression that I was working single-handed. This was a team effort involving four or five journalists who had decided to go into the full-time training business.

People came and went during my time at Richmond, but my main colleagues were Ron Eyley, Frank Littlewood, Lyn Cooke, Peter Collins and Geoff Bull. They had all spent years on newspapers, and in addition to their general expertise they each brought with them enthusiasm for a particular aspect of the job - the courts, local government, features, story-spotting, interviewing, sport, the theatre, design and layout. (For good measure, Ron was a shorthand whizz-kid!)

We were - dare I say it? - a pretty good team.