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Thanks for visiting. If you are interested in the training of journalists, for whatever reason, you should find this stuff entertaining - and possibly even useful! Enjoy the read . . .

A catch-up . . . after 30-odd years

I have kept in touch with many former Richmond students dotted all over the globe - and I have now had a face-to-face reunion with an ex-Richmond journalist 6000 miles away in Cape Town. He is Dave Chambers, a reporter on the Halifax Courier when he attended Richmond in the 1980s. After Halifax he worked on the Journal in Newcastle for a year, and then he joined the Daily Telegraph as a sub, and later splash sub.

In 1992 he went off to South Africa, where he was on the Cape Argus for a number of years. To see him, and to find out where he is now, have a look at Picture Gallery (6) on this website.

******** Every few weeks, some former student spots this webpage and decides to get in touch. Use the grey panel (top left) to scroll down to the Letters Page where you'll find their nostalgic messages.

Were you at Richmond?
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The ten chapter-headings on the third page give an overview of the whole 60,000 words. Some may want to read the entire thing in sequence (it's a crackin' good tale!) but anyone who wants to dip in here and there will find that - apart from occasional cross-references - each chapter will stand alone. (If you want to start with a chuckle, try Chapter Three. And Chapters Nine and Ten are pretty good fun as well.