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Memoirs of a pioneer journalism lecturer


Thanks for visiting. If you are interested in the training of journalists, for whatever reason, you should find this stuff entertaining - and possibly even useful! Enjoy the read . . .

Gerry Kreibich was one of five journalism lecturers at Richmond College, Sheffield, throughout the 1970s and 1980s. In those pioneering days the simple aim of the National Council for the Training of Journalists was to impart editorial skills that would enable students to join provincial newspapers and immediately be useful. What happened to those students after that was up to them . . . and many are now prominent people in newspapers, magazines, radio and television (and quite a few have retired!)

The work was often experimental - methods that worked well were constantly improved, bright ideas that failed were abandoned. Thus were laid the foundations of much that happens today in colleges and universities all over Britain.

The ten chapter-headings on the third page give an overview of the whole 60,000 words. Some may want to read the entire thing in sequence (it's a crackin' good tale!) but anyone who wants to dip in here and there will find that - apart from occasional cross-references - each chapter will stand alone. (If you want to start with a chuckle, try Chapter Three. And Chapters Nine and Ten are pretty good fun as well.